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Engine Repair
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We are a full service auto repair shop, dedicated to making you feel safe and comfortable when you leave our auto repair facility. Our services include:

  • Engine and transmission installation, rebuilding and repair
  • Routine maintenance, engine tune ups and oil changes

For a limited time only, we are offering
25% Off
on any dealer's estimate on engine and transmission repair. And thats not all - we give you free towing also!

Our professionally trained and certified technicians handle all repairs to assure that industry standards, quality and customer satisfaction are at a high level.

Repairing today’s high-tech vehicles requires patience, precision and extensive knowledge. We take pride in our dedicated technicians who possess a thorough understanding of today’s advanced repair techniques. Our goal is nothing short of perfection. Only factory specified parts are used. You can rest assured that your vehicle will be repaired correctly, and to a condition like new the first time.